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Virtual Explorer v1.20 beta released

by Anton Tomov on Feb 06

Virtual Explorer v1.20 beta screenshotGreetings,


The long awaited update of Virtual Explorer is to be released in the next few days.


Virtual Explorer has not been updated since almost twelve months. The main reason for that was the complexity of the project - as soon as we released the first version we realized we need to dramatically change the architecture of the application in order to support all the new features we wanted to include like FTP support, document previews, thumbnails, built-in editors etc.


The development team started work on Virtual Explorer 2 a few months ago. We expect to start early alpha testing in Q2 2008. In the meanwhile we took some of the code written for Virtual Explorer 2 and used it to improve the first Virtual Explorer. I hope you will find the new version 1.20 much more stable and will enjoy the little improvements that we have added.







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