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Technical talk about Wizcode projects and software - product features, updates, change logs, and mobile development

Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.82 change log

by Anton Tomov on Dec 15

Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.82 change logPocket Mechanic Professional v2.82 is a hot fix update that addresses a number of issues and more specifically:

Fixed: "Parameter is incorrect" issues in File System Cleanup, Outlook Cleanup etc modules

Fixed: List control data possible data misalignment  problem

Fixed: Outlook cleanup debug mode dumps

The new build can be downloaded from our servers


Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper preliminary screenshots

by Anton Tomov on Dec 07

Wizcode Upkeeper screenshotsGreetings,

For those of you who are interested in the development progress of Wizcode Mobile Upkeeper - the ultimate zero-configuration maintenance product, we are happy to share a few preliminary screenshots of the product with you.

The beta will be released before Christmas.



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