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Relocate your software with Pocket Mechanic Professional

by Kerim Satirli on Aug 07

Move apps to storage card, relocate softwarePocket Mechanic Professional includes a handy feature called Relocate installed software which enables you to free up (much needed) memory on your Pocket PC and utilize your storage card as the primary location for installed applications. Normally, when you move applications to a storage card, without reinstalling the software, you end up with dead shortcuts, remnants of files and very often, applications that are not usable anymore, that is why this relocate feature was developed:


Relocate your software with Pocket Mechanic Professional


Step one of the process is selecting the kind of “move” you want to carry out. This article explains the , so choose that one. Pocket Mechanic Professional, by default, checks all four options that are available:


Relocation of installed software


  • The first option ensures that you are actually moving files and folders to a storage card.
  • The second option updates your registry, which is as important as moving the files, because Windows Mobile has to know where the application will be located after the move.
  • In order to keep any shortcuts in the Start menu or Programs screen from ending up dead, the third option will scan and update the links.
  • Finally, the fourth option updates your .unload files; these files are essential to Windows Mobile, because, without them you will not be able to install an application correctly and might end up with many unused files.


Our recommendation is to leave all the options checked, as they are by default and let Pocket Mechanic Professional handle the technical side of things. After the initial screen, you are presented with a listing of. Simply select one and click the next button to continue the relocation process:


All applications that are currently installed on your device


In order to move your application, Pocket Mechanic Professional needs to know where you would like to store the files and folders. For this guide, the Storage Card was selected, but you can of course select any other folder you wish.


N.B.: Wizcode does recommend against selecting the Windows folder and in fact, Pocket Mechanic Professional is set up in a way that you cannot move important system folders to a storage card. This safeguard was put in place to prevent you from having to hard-reset your device and potentially lose data.


After selecting a suitable application, in our case Machines at War by Isotope244, you will be presented with a final confirmation screen that briefly outlines what is going to happen; by clicking next, the relocation process will be initiated.


Once the process is started, you will see a screen that displays the various steps that Pocket Mechanic Professional will go through in order to move your application safely to your chosen location:


Relocate your software with Pocket Mechanic Professional


The first step involves moving the actual files and folders to your location of choice. After that, the registry is scanned and, where needed, updated, to reflect the new location. After that, shortcuts are updated and a final check is made to ensure that everything went according to plan.


Relocate your software with Pocket Mechanic Professional Relocate your software with Pocket Mechanic Professional


Once Pocket Mechanic Professional has finished the various steps, you will see a popup message that confirms that the relocation attempt was completed successfully. In case the application you selected could not be moved correctly, Pocket Mechanic Professional will also inform you about this.


Relocate your software with Pocket Mechanic Professional

After clicking the next button, you will be presented with the final screen. The relocation report includes various bits of information that explain what Pocket Mechanic Professional carried out. To normal users, this information has little to no value, but if you are interested in technical data, take your time to read through the different entries.


Relocate your software with Pocket Mechanic Professional


As you can see, moving data from one location to another, if done correctly, can save you a lot of trouble and can speed up your device. By allowing Pocket Mechanic Professional to carry out this tedious and often error-prone task, you will end up with the same working device you had before, only with your application(s) stored in a different folder.


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