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Move Pocket PC data to storage card and free RAMLast week, we discussed the best practices when it comes to relocating your software from the internal memory to a (often) much bigger storage card.


This week, we will look at how you can utilize Pocket Mechanic Professional to relocate some (or all) of the data that is stored in your device.


Before we begin, let me explain what kind of caches we are talking about:


  • Email / Text Messages
  • Pocket Internet Explorer


The longer you keep using your device, the bigger those caches will grow. Me, for example, I am an avid user of text messages and email and I have some 1400 text messages alone on my device. Then there is the cookies and temporary data you acquire while surfing on your device.



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Move apps to storage card, relocate softwarePocket Mechanic Professional includes a handy feature called Relocate installed software which enables you to free up (much needed) memory on your Pocket PC and utilize your storage card as the primary location for installed applications. Normally, when you move applications to a storage card, without reinstalling the software, you end up with dead shortcuts, remnants of files and very often, applications that are not usable anymore, that is why this relocate feature was developed:


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