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A “Road Warrior” necessity

A reviewer from Cary, NC

A "must have" application. I use it all day long, and I confess, as a bragging point with others. A recent glitch, problem on my side, was solved by their excellent customer service on a weekend!
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All the best weather/news info in one place

A reviewer from United Kingdom

This is a fantastic program indeed! Once tried you will never be able to do without it. Having upto date weather and news on your handheld is invaluable, and now with the FREE V.3 update, you get local time with the weather too! Only one slight drawback for me is this is really geared up for USA weather more than it is for me in UK, as the UK does not provide as much info.
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Journal Bar brings our scattered over the world closer

A reviewer from Greer, SC Greenville

The trial had me having to purchase this product. Weather, News from around the world or around the corner, its all here. The new weather pages even let me see whats ahead as far as rain or snow would be concerend. Journal Bar and the expansion pack is a must have for anyone that owns a Pocket PC. Just a must have.
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Very useful. I quit my newspaper subscription since loading this

A reviewer from Melbourne, Australia

This is a great piece of software. I have been using Pocket PCs for many years now and this is by far the most useful software program I use. The newsgroups are so good that I cancelled my newspaper subscription.
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Excellent software, works great

A reviewer from Lebanon, NH

I had a Dell 3Xi and the software would sync in cradle or via wireless, just worked flawlessly. Just went over to a new Dell X50v. Had to reinstall one time, then I was as good as gold. Use with Calendar Bar, Battery Bar and I like the access to the data I need.
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Just Plain Excellent!

A reviewer from Torrington, CT USA

I have been using this product for over 2 years now. I have migrated it from one PPC to another and it just always performs as expected. Same thing with updates, which by the way are free!. A convenient message appears in the bar when an update is available. I just added the Expansion Pack for the RSS feature. How cool! I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE! I have purchased A LOT of software for my devices over the years, and this one is definately one of the top 3 all-time best products I've ever owned.
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“Must-have” software for the businessman

Niels Juul-Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark

This software will give you the weather forcast, the stock rates, all the news you need - and it updates via gprs - however a little expensive in Denmark - I use the software everyday - it is nice to have all news at hand. It even gives you a satelite picture of the weather. The news are from your local news. You can chose to get some news from other countries. It is the best investment I have ever made in a small software.
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It works & It’s useful

A reviewer from Verona, Wisconsin

How many times have you purchased an item for the pda or computer and found it doesn't live up to its hype? I've had the Journal Bar for over a year now and find it a very nice addition to the desktop. It's informative, easy to use, installs without a hitch.
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Phenomenal software!

A reviewer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Phenomenal software! It provides everything you could possibly ask for on your mobile device. Weather forecasts with radar, numerous news sources to keep you up to date on the latest news, stock quotes, and sport updates all at the tip of your fingers. Technical support is quick to respond with any question you may have. All together, I could not be happier with my purchase. I give it a 5-star rating.
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Handy little ad-in for the Today screen

Donald Metzger

The only thing this needs is to be able to do is to link to the PocketPC's appointments calendar function. I would give this product 5 stars if I could jump to any day's appointments just by tapping on a displayed date.
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