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Love Battery Pack Pro

A reviewer from Maryland

I've been a long-time user of Battery Pack ever since my Toshiba e550 with the original Battery Pack. I highly recommend it as it tracks battery usage and does a lot of other really functional things. With the TodayPanel, you might THINK you don't need BPP. But it's all the extras and all the functionality that you don't see that you really need. It's great.
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An Excellent Upgrade

A reviewer from Taipei, Taiwan

I have purchased BatteryPack 2004. I was some kind of satisfication with it although BP 2004 seems to slow down my E750 a little. I need to turn off some functions to make it run well. Then I receive the upgrade information with 1-Pass Free. The new version is more fantastic and seems not drain too much CPU time as before. Futhermore, it includes more features, such as world time, battery monitoring(with graphic), and so on.
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Best Today Screen software

A reviewer from Denver, CO

I have a Siemens SX56, and Baterry Pack Pro/ Journal Bar both work fantastic. Clean, crisp, easy to use, I would recommend this product to anyone upgrading their Pocket PC. And I only have the trial version!
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Beautifully executed!

A reviewer from London, England

With V3, BPPro has really become a utterly essential app indeed! Although I had been attracted to it before, it didn't seem to justify the $30 spend - but it does now. Read the features! I love the ability to "host" other today plug-ins in BPP, including Owner Info, Journal Bar (another essential) and a superb search bar as well. This has saved so much space on my today screen. Tab switching is very well executed, and this is now one of my top 3 apps. Can't recommend it enough!
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A reviewer from Memphis, Tennessee

It speaks... my Cingular 3825 now tellls me when its at 40% battery life, and also 100% charged, which is owner adustable. Also the screen is more user friendly as well as my alarms are better
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Great Job!

Nick Cornaglia

Definitely the best thing to happen to my Today Screen in a long time. Better than other Weather Plug-Ins I had used before (Weather Today)...because it offers so much more. And it's a much friendlier and cleaner interface as well. I highly recommend this program. It's well worth the modest price. I used it once and purcased it right away.
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This is a great application

Bob Lawrence

It synchronizes very quickly. I also use AvantGo and I find the Journal Bar to be almost as valuable for getting information. The weather info is displayed with icons that give you a quick view of what is forcasted for the next five days. The best part is that it's presented right there on the Today screen!. Journal Bar is a tremedous value especially if you also use Battery Pack 2003. These two apps are the most valuable on my iPaq!
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One of the top 3 all-time best products!

Paul Rhoads using Dell Axim X30

I have been using this product for over 2 years now. I have migrated it from one PPC to another and it just always performs as expected. Same thing with updates, which by the way are free!. A convenient message appears in the bar when an update is available. I just added the Expansion Pack for the RSS feature. How cool! I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE! I have purchased A LOT of software for my devices over the years, and this one is definately one of the top 3 all-time best products I've ever owned.
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The Best Yet

A reviewer from Matteson, IL

This app is awesome. I enjoy watching my friends in disbelief when I tell them I bet I know how to dress for work the next day. I also like getting Headline news as its updated. This product has so much to offer: stock quotes, movie reviews and so much more. There are some apps I don't know how I ever did without. Journal Bar is one of them.
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Weather that’s better!

A reviewer from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Forecasts on Weather.com and Accuweather.com are never as accurate as the ones I get on Journal Bar! Living in the Colorado Rockies make it tough to predict, but JB's prediction have proved more accurate. I live in one city and work in another, so the two forecasts are both used and updated frequently. I consider it one of the best software utilities out there, as I use it more often than any other.
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