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Keeps getting better

Tony Simons using iPAQ 1940

Have been using this for some time now and it just keeps getting better with every update. The pro version is even better still and well worth the small extra charge. look forward to the next update thanks for a good quality program that works with no problems it's the one i use the most and couldn't live without.
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Buy IT!

Alex Osman

Well, what can I say but "Fab!"I have always been a bit dubious with Ipaq software and what it can do. But after trying the trial I had to purchase it for sure. I use it on a HP4155 and love the functionality. Thank God someone has come up with an eaiser way to close applications running on the Ipaq. I do think they could have bundled Journal and 1-Pass altogether in the same package. If you want your Ipaq to work more like a custom desktop this is the application for you. Best purchase for my Ipaq since I purchased a 512MMC for storage. Buy IT!
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Great tool!

Trim Tech

Great Tool.... gives me all the information I need on my PPC. Top of the line program that really gives me a much better experience on any PPC
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Especially valuable for those who travel frequently

Steve Bonning

Battery Pack Pro is one of those applications that after first using it, you wonder how you ever got along without it. Very user-friendly, easily modified for personal taste and extremely practical. Especially valuable for those who travel frequently.
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Wow. This is a must-have for the PocketPC

A reviewer from Loveland, CO

I've used Battery Pack for years...and it makes my PocketPc fast and easy to use. It's the top software I've found to cleanly and quickly access programs, battery & storage information. A must have.
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Best in its Class

A reviewer from Singapore

I tried so many other similiar programs and they were often not optimised for the best view. Worse, they comflicted with my other programs. Battery Pack Pro not only is fast, versatile and feature-packed, it is ituitive in its features. Read the Help section and you can unlock a few more gems. This is the benchmark all others should be measured against.
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Love Battery Pack Pro

A reviewer from Maryland

I've been a long-time user of Battery Pack ever since my Toshiba e550 with the original Battery Pack. I highly recommend it as it tracks battery usage and does a lot of other really functional things. With the TodayPanel, you might THINK you don't need BPP. But it's all the extras and all the functionality that you don't see that you really need. It's great.
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An Excellent Upgrade

A reviewer from Taipei, Taiwan

I have purchased BatteryPack 2004. I was some kind of satisfication with it although BP 2004 seems to slow down my E750 a little. I need to turn off some functions to make it run well. Then I receive the upgrade information with 1-Pass Free. The new version is more fantastic and seems not drain too much CPU time as before. Futhermore, it includes more features, such as world time, battery monitoring(with graphic), and so on.
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Best Today Screen software

A reviewer from Denver, CO

I have a Siemens SX56, and Baterry Pack Pro/ Journal Bar both work fantastic. Clean, crisp, easy to use, I would recommend this product to anyone upgrading their Pocket PC. And I only have the trial version!
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Beautifully executed!

A reviewer from London, England

With V3, BPPro has really become a utterly essential app indeed! Although I had been attracted to it before, it didn't seem to justify the $30 spend - but it does now. Read the features! I love the ability to "host" other today plug-ins in BPP, including Owner Info, Journal Bar (another essential) and a superb search bar as well. This has saved so much space on my today screen. Tab switching is very well executed, and this is now one of my top 3 apps. Can't recommend it enough!
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